About Tengda

about USTengda Electronics Limited is an electronics company based in Hong Kong and China that specializes in video game and portable computer peripherals. Started in 1999, the Tengda Electronics is Chinese professional designer and manufacturer of electronic products.

Capitalizing on the breakout of popular gaming platforms at the beginning of the century, Tengda built on the legacy of its well-designed and crafted peripheral devices and expanded its production capacities into other areas, such as computer peripherals. Building on the success of its products, Tengda has a widespread reputation and appeal to the knowledgeable manufacturers and users of the products it creates.

Tengda has a strong development, production and distribution proficiency in the video gaming peripheral industry and supply components for most popular and classic gaming equipment

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. This proficiency has helped Tengda develop more than 80 models of computer and TV accessories for customers across Asia and Europe.

In addition, Tengda is a professional designer and manufacturer in electronic circuit design and electronic manufacturing services. Customized solutions to industrial needs has always been a hallmark of Tengda’s commitment to customer service. Expanding its range over the last few years, Tengda is no longer limited to video game peripherals and has branched out into more mainstream, high-tolerance component manufacture for TV, computers, industrial and laboratory applications. Customized products are taking a larger share of its design resources as the company caters to other manufacturers of quality electronic and mechanical components.

Tengda currently manufactures:
Fan speed controllers
CPU temperature monitors
Resistance temperature detectors
Peltier controllers
Other customized products

These products are designed and used for applications in home appliances, industrial control and laboratories. Tengda’s work as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is held to a high-level benchmarking process for stable performance, high accuracy, flexible functions, fast delivery and low manufacturing cost.

Industry professionals looking for specific components for their latest projects, or who want to design and build specific applicable components for future manufacturing are Tengda’s primary customers and have helped the company build a formidable reputation in OEM design and production. Using quality design engineers, coupled with cost-saving Chinese labor, Tengda is more than capable of creating and producing any OEM needs your company may have.

Tengda’s commitment to their customers is to produce the best components for their applications quickly and inexpensively. A truly world-spanning company, Tengda can help you create the building blocks of any equipment you design and manufacture.