Controller for PC/HTPC media center











♦ Functions

* (1 ch) Auto temperature measuring function;the range of temperature measurement:0~99°C;

* (3 ch) Fan control function:low speed-mid speed-high speed;

* Auto measurement of CPU usage:0-100%;

* Auto measurement of audible frequencies:100 R-10 K;

* Auto display of month, date, hour and min

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(It automatically measured and displays the month, date, hour & min set by the computer.)

* Remote control for keyboard and mouse functions.

* Display the name of program that is running:text slide function;

* Equalizer function;responding to every sound that the computer makes;

♦ Display

* Main display

LCD shows month/day/hour/minute and the playing program, the title of media file your are currently playing.

* Temperature display

You can install a thermal sensor wherever you want and it enables to know exact temperature.

* Equalizer

Equalizer operates by responding all sound from the computer.

* Fan speed display

3 level fan controlling function is available, and it’s possible to control 3 fans separately. Fan speed is stored, so the system operates by the designated fan speed even after you turn off the power and reboot.

* CPU usage display

It shows CPU usage, so it enable to use the computer efficiently.

♦ Buttons

*  Changing the fan control channel:1 ch-2 ch-3 ch;

*  Initializing the LCD setting

*  Accelerating the fan control:OFF-low-mid-high;

*  Decelerating the fan control:high-mid-low-OFF;

♦ Applications

multi controller

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