Extractor for grow tent


  1. Choose your target temperature (TEMP°)
    The extractor will regulate the temperature with a delta of +/- 2°C (4°F)
  2. Determine the minimum extractor speed (EXT. MIN)
    In order to continue to renew the air in case of low temperature.
  3. Define the maximum extractor power (EXT. MAX)
    Depending on the surface area of your growing system (see Technical Data).

Thermal sensor integrated & deported
When the 2 nd thermal sensor is connected, the integrated sensor will be
OFF. If you use the integrated thermal sensor, the extractor will run at 5%
minimum speed.

If you want to combine two extractors and keep your LIGHT BAFFLE* (intake) :
add an « intractor » to increase the flow. Attach the T° probes together (Enter
the probe with a CF7D), add 2°C more in intraction and put the same values for
« Ext. Max. » & « Ext. Min » on both extractors.

  • If you remove your LIGHT BAFFLE think of reducing the maximum speed of your intractor.