Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2014

      Since 2004, Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival (HKCCF) organized by The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry has been strongly supported by all parties. The widespread support and recognition have consolidated HKCCF to become the largest exhibition for I.T. industry in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the organizer endeavors to set the main theme as well as events in the HKCCF every year, in order to attract more and more visitors and generate profits for the exhibitors as well.

Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2014 organized by The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry, will be held from 22– 25 August 2014 at Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

HKCCF is in response to the rapid growing development of computer and information technology. With the all round support, it has becomes the largest exhibition for IT industry in the region. HKCCF 2013 was well received by all parties. Over 80 local and overseas professional organizations had been registered as supporting organizations. During the 4 days exhibition, over HK$ 300 million business turnover had been generated. It has attracted visitors from all around the world including Mainland, South- East Asia, America and etc. Besides, HKCCF 2013 had also been widely reported by local and the mainland media. It was the distinct focus of the city.

Being the ideal marketing channel for the industry, HKCCF 2014 will continue to develop potential market and create more opportunities.  The latest technologies as well as best quality, best valued and comprehensive products will be showcased.