Media center extender for iMON and MCE

HTPC controller-2





♦ Functions

* (1 ch) Auto temperature measuring function:the range of temperature measurement:0~99°C;

* (3 ch) Fan control function:low speed-mid speed-high speed;

* Auto measurement of CPU usage:0-100%;

* Auto measurement of audible frequencies:100 R-10 K;

* Auto display of month, date, hour and min.
(It automatically measured and displays the month, date, hour & min set by the computer.)

* Remote control for keyboard and mouse functions.

* Display the name of program that is running:text slide function;

* Equalizer function:responding to every sound that the computer makes;

♦ Display


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.  Main display
LCD shows month/day/hour/minute and the playing program, the title of media file your are currently playing.

2.  Temperature display
You can install a thermal sensor wherever you want and it enables to know exact temperature.

3.  Equalizer
Equalizer operates by responding all sound from the computer.

4.  Fan speed display
3 level fan controlling function is available, and it’s possible to control 3 fans separately. Fan speed is stored, so the system operates by the designated fan speed even after you turn off the power and reboot.

5.  CPU usage display
It shows CPU usage, so it enable to use the computer efficiently.

♦ Buttons

*  Changing the fan control channel:1 ch-2 ch-3 ch;

*  Initializing the LCD setting

*  Accelerating the fan control:OFF-low-mid-high;

*  Decelerating the fan control:high-mid-low-OFF;

♦ Applications

HTPC controller

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