Temperature controller circuit/peltier cooling system

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♦ Functions

* Temperature controller module for Peltier-cooled photodiode arrays with thermistor

* For 1-,2- and 3 -stage Peltier elements

* Analog,bipolar PI-type controller

* Possible cooling stability: better than ±10 mK

* Maximum cooling current: 3 A * Operating voltage range +5 V to +12 V * Adjustable current limit

* Thermistor current 10 μA or 100 μA

* Adjustment of the setpoint temperature with
– Four fixed-value resistors
– A potentiometer or
– An analog input voltage alternatively

* Monitor outputs (analog voltage) for
– Setpoint temperature
– Actual temperature
– Cooler current

* Digital output, temperature o.k.’

* Temperature error indication by
– Digital output signal
– Two relay contact pairs

* Connection terminals for two temperature sensors (thermistors) for current shutdown at excess heatsink temperature of the Peltier element and /or the controller electronics,alternatively for remote on/off switching

* Connection terminals for two fans

* Modular mechanical design with heatsink mounting

♦ Applications

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