Tengda Electronics – Precision electronics for all your needs

When it comes to high precision electronic components, Tengda Electronics holds a special position in the industry and has consistently provided quality service to its clients for many years. Based in Hong Kong and China, the company specializes in the manufacturing of fan controllers, temperature monitors, and humidity controllers, which form a vital part of any advanced computing device.

We offer reliable service, world class products, and have ties with many industry leaders, to whom we provide OEM solutions at low cost while ensuring fast delivery and flexible functionality.

Quality is the pillar stone upon which the services offered by Tengda Electronics have been built. Our first and foremost focus is always on providing our clients with the latest technological solutions at the lowest prices.

Tengda Electronics offers a wide range of products:

 1.   Fan speed control: It is crucial to regulate the fan speed with a high degree of accuracy. A balance needs to be maintained between keeping the system cool, while not consuming too much power, and the fan speed control solutions offered by Tengda Electronics do exactly that. Our precision fan speed control system regulates CPU cooling and offer long lasting performance.

2.   CPU Temperature Monitor: The CPU should always operate within a specified temperature range, and exceeding it can cause a system wide burnout and damage the core beyond repair. The CPU temperature monitor system devised by Tengda Electronics keeps a close watch on the core CPU temperature and ensures that the cooling system kicks in as soon as the CPU temperature starts rising beyond a safe limit, thereby keeping the system safe from harm.

3.   Resistance Temperature Detector: The semiconductor material used to fabricate the processor requires a preset resistance temperature within which it will work optimally. Slight fluctuations can cause issues with the processors, while large changes can end up completely ruining the core. The resistance temperature detector designed by Tengda Electronics closely monitor this resistance temperature and quickly initiate the isolation of the system in the event of changes that can cause permanent harm to the system.

You can expect reliable, efficient and cost effective services when you take us on as your electronic solutions provider, and Tengda Electronics will always ensure that your company gets the finest electronic solutions to keep your systems safe. Accuracy reliability, performance and precision are at the core of our services, and at Tengda Electronics you can count on us to always deliver the best products to you.

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