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Electronic product development process

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Electronic product development process

Electronic product development process


Whether your project is large or small, Tengda Electronics has the resources and engineering teams to help you get your project completed. Tengda Electronics tackles both complex and simple engineering tasks, and we are certified to ISO:9001:2015 quality standards.

Tengda Electronics generally performs work on a project in five phases each having clearly identified objectives, tasks, and deliverables.
Tengda Electronics and the customer may modify these phases as the project progresses and as determined in subsequent negotiations.

product development process

product development process

Electronic product development process

Phase 1: System Design
Tengda Electronics will create a System Specification document that outlines the overall product requirements, high-level system design, analysis of potential design solutions, and recommendations. Tengda Electronics will also conduct research and selection of major system components and develop initial estimates of the per-unit cost. Industrial design will be conducted.

Phase 2: Prototype Design
Tengda Electronics will design the electrical, software, and firmware systems, needed drivers, and mechanical designs. Tengda Electronics will assemble working prototypes that follow the design guidelines, taking into consideration manufacturability and cost optimization. Prototypes will be built for testing, analysis, and evaluation purposes.

Phase 3: Final Design
Designs will be finalized, and manufacturing design and documentation will be completed. Additional prototype units updated with the final design will be built for testing and certification purposes. The design will then be ready to transfer to pre-production. Tengda Electronics can provide complete manufacturing services through our Tengda Electronics Manufacturing division. Tengda Electronics can also provide support, as necessary and as requested by the Client, with setting up manufacturing at a contract manufacturer facility including any production-related issues.

Phase 4 : Pre-Production
The Pre-Production phase is designed to fine-tune what will ultimately become the production standard. In this phase, we verify the robustness of production design, fixtures, and jigs. Additionally, we solidify workstation documentation, tolerances, and workmanship standards. In doing this we will better be able to balance the flow of the production line. Out of this will come “Golden Samples” which will be used as quality and performance standards across the production life of the product.

Phase 5: Production
Our goal is to provide a turnkey service for our customers. Typically, we manage the entire supply chain for production runs. We ensure components and raw materials are ordered in a timely manner to prevent production interruptions. We base our supply decisions on our customers’ production forecasts. During the production process, we frequently sample both our raw materials and finished goods per designated AQL standards to verify that the quality of the product being built meets our high standards.

Tengda Electronics’s core offering is providing Electronic Design Services (EDS). We design electronics-based systems and products.
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