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Fan Speed Control/PID Control

Back to list Source:Tengda Electronics Limited Release date:2022-05-12 

Fan Speed Control/PID Control Fan Speed Control/PID Control

This controller is a section switch mode fan speed controller,used to control the speed of brushless DC fan.

Controller using pulse width modulation (PWM) to implement technology of temperature and fan speed Proportional relations.

Through input pins in VIN connect a thermal resistor (or other voltage output temperature sensor),can provide the required 1.25V to 2.65V typical fan control electricity Pressure,and 0% to 100% of PWM duty cycle.

Through the VMIN input terminal of the simple resistor bleeder can set the minimum speed fan.In the turnon and shutoff mode recovery,and transient faults reset,controller of timer can start within integration to ensure reliable fan motor start-up.

In VMIN exerts a logic low level can make fan into shutoff mode.

Controller use the technology of the microchip fansenseTM patent Technology,improve the system reliability.When fan normal operation,the pulse sequence columnpulse can be surveilled by the lost detector.

Fan stall and opens or broken connect,will make the controller trigger a start timer.If the fault persist,fault output pin will become low level,and the controller is locked in the shutoff mode.

When PWM output duty cycle to achieve 100%,fault output pin will also output low level that may appear thermal runaway phenomenon,and now the fan is still run.

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